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     We are here as a church to be a blessing to you. Our vision statement is simple.We desire to Worship God.This of course means more than just singing a song or going to church. To us, loving God and each other is the key to worshiping Him. As a congregation we have people from all stages in life who call this church their family. We would love to have you visit our church and experience the community within us.

Now the second thing is that We desire is to be trained for service.We believe that as Christians we are called to serve one another. Lending a helping hand sometimes requires a little bit of training. As a church we want to help the believers serve with success. Life gives us many circumstances that we might not necessary want but God's Word can help us get ready for anything that we might have to face.When it comes to others we all have a ministry to people. The key is to find out what it is and develop it for the glory of God.

     Finally our last main goal is that We desire is to reach the lost. People all over Porterville and beyond are in need of hope and healing. We desire to reach them and to be like a hospital to anyone who would want to be touched by the loving,merciful hand of God.It is our belief that with the power of the Holy Spirit, everyone's life can be changed. If we can be of any help with your journey in life please let us know. If you visit the church do not hesitate to come by and meet me. I would love to get the opportunity to share God's love with you. Pastor Peter




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